Thursday, September 12, 2013 has been awhile..Meet my amigurumi dolls..

My last post was April 15 2012, it has been more than a year and the reason i have been quiet this past year was that i started working again. Yes , working as in 9-5 job or rather 9-6 ..but fret not i am still crafting at my own pace. Yes, crafting ..doing crochet and amigurumi..but to think of it i got nothing much to show you guys until.....i did an amigurumi doll..and yes several of it ..well to be exact 5 of them..and 1 in the making and perhaps more to come.

This is the very first amigurumi doll that i made from this pattern. She is a delightful little lady and i fell in love with her that i continue making other dolls.
And i presented to you my fourth doll, Little green riding hood....much bigger than the 1st doll.

And the adorable Pink lady

And here they are, sitting side by side chilling together thinking until when they can be together .

Well, i will not be selling this ladies yet , but when i do , i will make another post about it.



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kak, ada jual embroidery lg tak? :D

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