Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ain't she gorgeous?

I have to say that im in love with this pouch. Love the font and simply love the bright and fun color.

Tomorrow she will begin her journey to her new owner across the South China Sea. Gonna be sad to let u go :)

And not to worry, that cute kero kero keropi is there to accompany u.
Be nice to your new owner, my love.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick update

Just a quick update, currently below is my WIP. Probably you can see there is an image on the felt which i draw (got this image from searching the internet) on a piece of paper using transfer pencil that i bought from Mas of Quilter's Bag and of coz you have to iron it onto your fabric and wallaaaaa this simply makes it easier to embroider.Can you guess what im trying to do with this?
Completed project below;

Told ya, this is just a quick update. C ya!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last week was simply superb, my cousin got married and yesterday my sister gave birth to a cute adorable chubby baby GIRL!! Yup! baby GIRL, FINALLY!! Yer yer aku tau cam jakun je ada baby girl, bukannya apa dari 3 orang adik beradik suma dapat anak lelaki so bila my sis after 15 years (she has 2 sons) suddenly tersperminated at the age of 40 we were like hoping that its a baby girl and alhamdulilah Allah makbulkan doa kami.

Presenting my niece Arana Aurelle,d.o.b 31st May 2010, weight 3.2kg (terbelit lidah aku nak sebut). Anty will come and see u soon, insya Allah, kiss kiss.

Congrats to the newly weds, Leona & Pritchard
And did i mentioned that i won a giveaway by Sangkar Ilham Kreatif. Thank you so much!!Sweet!
Hadiahnya table runner bersulam riben + little teddy & pin cushion

2 of the completed project, ada lagi but till next time la baru upload lg.
Dalam kegembiraan ni pun saya tengah bersedih juga, my son demam dr kemarin dulu dan tak nak makan, boleh menyusu tapi kenapa tetiba dia tolak susunya dr petang tadi. Mudah2an esok dah ok. :(