Monday, November 15, 2010

Winners announced!

Salam,  im sorry for the delay as i got carried away with something last night and was having some problem with the internet connection. Im pleased to announce the winner which has choosen, No. 30 and No. 17 Anin and LILLY shoppe. Congrats!
And below is the consolation prize for my 100th follower Adyshariz!

And myself have choosen..................................... for her wonderful entry, thank you very much dear.

Finally i would like to thank you all for participating in this GA and the birthday wishes. For those who did not win, who knows if rezeki saya murah i will again host another GA in the near future.

I will send u guys emails after this n the 1st to reply will get to choose one of the pouches of your choice.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

List of GA participants

Happy Saturday! Just wanna list down the name list for those who have joined my GA, thank you u all!

1) Linas
2) Nissa
3) Ummu Ummar
4) Vanilla Ice
5) Syida
6) Rosh
7) Erawatie
8) Kak Yong
9) Lynn Azlina
11) Mardhiyah Maidin
12) Nurezzat
13) Mama Balqis
14) Nisa Azman
15) Nadiah
16) Jainurul13
17) LILLY Shoppe
18) Liza A
19) Mama Zharfan
20) Miss Nadrah
21) Ekinashikin
22) Adyshariz - Pemenang saguhati menjadi follower yg ke 100
23) Melody Iqfa
24) Qilah
25) Cute mum
26) Imanmom
27) Missrivebell mumun
28) Amoi
29) Syakilla
30) Anin
31) SofiaHB
32) Huda
33) Nur Qistina
34) Ieminiza
35) Leen
36) Leyna
37) Ytekecik
38) Jassnani
39) Ibu Ayra
40) Taufidris
41) Juniza
42) Ogy
43) Zalina
44) Ayu Selalu
45) Zaikulim
46) Muslimah vogue
47) Inasepi
48) A piece of me
49) ~@m!_L!y@~
50) Ummi hasni
51) Cicakgirl
52) Nana
53) Haszuraidah Ishak

I will only announce the winner tommorrow night , stay tuned.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2nd Giveaway (6th-12th Nov 2010)

Salam u all, as promise this is my 2nd giveaway coz today is my BIRTHDAY..yay..haiz tua setahun lagi ni..This time there will be 3 winners for the 3 pouches as u can see below though the golden one not completed yet;

To follow this giveaway, you MUST and i emphasis that u MUST do (hahahha, saja nak bg u all keja keras sikit, tak susah pun) as the following;

1) Be my follower, to those who is already my follower skip this step.
2) Must spread the word about this giveaway in your blog.
3) Leave a comment that you're joining this GA and email address.
4) Only 1 comment per entry yer..

And to my FB friends, just leave a comment and your FB link.

Senang je kan..hikhikhik..

HOWEVER.... (Must read below);

The 2 winners will be randomly choose by, and i myself will also randomly choose 1 winner so do ur BEST to attract my ATTENTION, do what you can gals..n boys..perhaps..hikhikhik..

So this giveaway officially start from now 6th November 2010 till and close on 12th November. I will announce the winner either on 13th or 14th Nov.

Take care!