Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fresh from the oven

I am sick and has been for 1 week now, i hate u flu and coughing! But the thing is i stop taking any medication after a few days and sewing is like a therapy for me. I found that i still have the energy to cut and sew even my whole body ache like heaven...kekkeke.. and i still keep going when all i want to do is lie down and sleep. It wasn't easy but typical of me when i started a project i will not stop until it is completed. I just love the  design that i made for the 1st two wristlet, love the simplicity of the fabric and the pin tuck make it look so cute. And the pink roses wristlet is just  so sweet and when i look at it , i must say its suitable for a teenager well any age actually, it just that it reminds me those days...oh well..1 more week towards my birthday...yaiks another year another wrinkle...sobs..Don't you just love the fish bone print for the blackberry cover, believe me it is much darker than what you can see in the picture, must have been the flash light effect or the computer setting...oh well.....

All of the above are for sell and would like to take this opportunity to inform that i will be away from 13-18 Nov and should any of you are interested for the available items please do email me before 11 Nov 2011.

Honestly i cant wait for Monday to come which is tomorrow , i'm anticipating a new tool for a new project and i admit i am  a bit scared if i don't have the talent for it but still if i don't try i wouldn't know , right? Wish me luck! Adios amigos!

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