Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ain't she gorgeous?

I have to say that im in love with this pouch. Love the font and simply love the bright and fun color.

Tomorrow she will begin her journey to her new owner across the South China Sea. Gonna be sad to let u go :)

And not to worry, that cute kero kero keropi is there to accompany u.
Be nice to your new owner, my love.


Jul's said...

salam Wan,
sukeh3xx & sangat2 ler berpuas ati..
dh masuk blog sy dah kat

x sbr nk tggu dia smp..

thanks byk2 yek..hrp x serik berurusan..heheh

feltralicious said...

Salam Jul's,

Glad that u like it. dont worry she already begin her journey to u. hahah mana ada serik, it was a pleasure dealing with u.

cheers babe

Jul's said...

salam wan..dah sampai pouch tuh...
baru td masuk blog... kat sini

dh test masuk cam & hp. best!!
thanks yekkk!! heheheh